Forever Postage Stamp - One stamp for postage for a greeting card- United States First Class Postage Only

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*This listing is for one forever Postage stamp*

We are big stamp collectors over here, but I know that's not the case for everyone, so we have decided to share our large stash of forever stamps with you!
One forever stamp is enough for postage of one greeting card.

Our selection varies, so the stamp you get might not be what is pictured, but it can be used as postage.

Forever stamps are different from regular postage because it can be purchased for one price and the stamps value doesn't decrease. This can be used "forever" without having to add more postage (remember 25 cent stamps?).

This stamp can only be used for United States Postage. This is for first class mail items only (such as one greeting card)

A stamp purchase is considered an add on and will not ship alone.